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Online Community Roadwatch Report

An initiative of the New Zealand Police

"The Community Roadwatch programme has been designed for use by New Zealand Police to advise the owner of a motor vehicle about the unsafe or risky driving behaviour you have observed and reported where you do not wish the offender to be prosecuted. The Police will regard your report as confidential; in accordance with the provisions of the law as it relates to privacy and disclosure of information.

If you wish the incident to be investigated with a view to charges being laid in Court you must lodge a formal complaint with your nearest police station.

You can also download the Community Roadwatch form [in PDF format] and print it to use when you are away from your computer..."

More ...

It has already been investigated by BNSW and others if a similar system could be implemented in Australia, there are only minor differences in the revenue area as to who enforces infringements, etc.

During a Massbug meeting that bicycle police officers from the Newtown Area Command spoke at, the point was made that there is a lack of resources (manpower) to follow up or bring prosecution in any but the most serious cases where a cyclist is involved. Bicycles have about the lowest priority for policing. At time of writing the Roadwatch system employed 1.5 full time police officers to administer - for the whole of New Zealand.

Also revealed at the Massbug meeting was the fact that the police incident reporting system does not discriminate between various forms of "non-motor vehicle related incidents". Hence the database has to be manually searched for information regarding reported incidents involving bicycles. As any researcher or planner knows statistics are vital, if flawed method of assessing both need and effectiveness for policy and engineering.

Effective hazards are in place to prevent cyclists from receiving their statutory equal due on the road. Community Roadwatch proves a cost effective and efficient driver/cyclist education, whilst at the same time providing bicyclists with an effective voice and means of securing justice.

But in the meantime there is this, the Illegal Parking page. Here are a few snippets...


Belmont Street, Alexandria


Belmont Street, Alexandria


Gordon Crescent, Stanmore

-- GilbertGrace - 14 Mar 2007

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